Life Skills Training

We at House of Love Ministry believe that right thinking leads to right living. By embracing this principle, men have the strength and ability to change their lives. The House of Love Ministry equips, encourages and supports men in this process of change by providing life skills training through Charting a New Course ©, a proven, cognitive behavioral based curriculum for both adults and youths. Charting a New Course © teaches men to identify thinking errors, learn responsible thinking, and develop new behavioral skills. Clients who complete the life skills training are less likely to return to incarceration and more likely to make responsible choices in their everyday lives.

Positive Life Choices

Our clients are offered Support Groups modeled on successful “12 Step” recovery programs like Alcoholics Anonymous © and Narcotics Anonymous ©. These recovery groups are a “safe place” allowing participants to confront their issues in a healthy way and begin to make positive life choices. In contrast to traditional 12-step programs, this program refers to the “Higher Power” as exclusively being Jesus Christ and that He is the source of all serenity. It is through Him (Christ) that participants continue to travel their road of recovery “one day at a time.”

The successful completion of the curriculum will ensure that past hurts, habits and hang-ups are identified and steps taken to mend broken relationships (God, ourselves, and others) that have resulted from past poor choices.

Financial Literacy

Our clients are offered financial literacy classes using a popular and easily available curriculum. The financial literacy program integrates humor, financial advice, and personal testimonials. This curriculum is taught in a 14-week format using video education, group discussion and participant workbooks with assigned homework. The successful completion of the curriculum will ensure that basic financial literacy is taught along with decision making for managing money over a lifetime. House of Love Ministry staff make client referrals to local and national non-profit credit counseling agencies as needed.

Long Term Housing

We offer long term transitional housing opportunities to our clients for stays of up to 2 years. Clients are charged program fees to help pay for the facilities, food and services and must agree to follow the program guidelines.

The goal is to connect the clients who “graduate” with local and national affordable housing programs for their permanent housing needs.

Home Ownership

Interested clients who have successfully completed the 2-year long term transitional housing program, will receive assistance in preparing for and applying to community-based home ownership programs. We believe home ownership is an option that allows clients to re-integrate back into their communities and we support our clients in achieving this milestone.

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